Thursday, September 8, 2016

What is the best time to travel to Costa Rica with kids?

What is the best time to travel to Costa Rica with kids?

Costa Rica is a small country but has different microclimates (including rain forests, cloud forest, dry forests, and Paramo) and two seasons: rainy season and dry season.
The dry season begins in late November and ends in mid-April; the temperature ranges between 25 ° C (77 degrees Fahrenheit) and 30 ° C (86 Fahrenheit) , depending on the area you visit; for example, the province of Guanacaste and the city of Liberia could be considered the area with thehighesttemperatures in Costa Rica.
It's a bit confusing to families when they are seeking information about holidays in Costa Rica and
Monteverde rainbow
Rainbow on the way out of Monteverde cloudforest.
read that in the months that are visiting us will be the dry season (or summer), and then come to the Arenal volcano, Tortuguero or the Caribbean coast, Cahuita or Puerto Viejo de Limon and see it rains in the afternoon or might be consistently cloudy with possible rain.That´s occurs because of microclimates that we talked before.Costa Rica it is divided by a mountain range which generates different types of climates throughout the country. The tourist places that are facing the Caribbean side are considered rain forest and it rains all year because it is an evergreen forest.

For some families, the dry season is the best because it is America’s winter and is a good way to get away from the cold weather. The dry season is also tourist season, so it depends on you and your family how you feel about the crowds.
Christmas and Easter are popular for tourists to travel to Costa Rica, so we recommend booking early if you want to travel for the holidays.
In the rainy season, it rains on both sides of the country, Caribbean and Pacific side, and the number of tourists is lower than during the dry season. Booking in advance and during the rainy season could have better rates of hotels because of less tourist traffic.
Honestly, any time is good for traveling with your kids to Costa Rica; there is nothing like the experience and the chance to explore the rainforest with your family.

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